Archaeology Walks

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Italy has always been a dazzling procession of cultures, languages, and traditions, with the Etruscans and the Romans just the most famous marchers in the long parade.
The Italian landscape is still marked by the traces of these fascinating, sometimes mysterious, civilizations. Italy’s renowned archaeological heritage includes impressive roads, stately necropolises, imposing altars, and mystic sites from which ancient oracles once spoke.
Many tourists get no further than the most famous localities, where the experience all too often recalls that of a theme park. But all across Italy there are extremely rich archaeological itineraries, unknown to mass tourism, where the traces of ancient civilizations lead the curious traveler through natural and cultural landscapes seemingly untouched by time.
Our archaeology walks take you deep into the territories of long-past civilizations, where you’ll have an unparalleled chance to explore Italy’s ancient past and to experience the land just as its earliest inhabitants might have. An archaeology walk is completely different from ordinary sightseeing because you can personally explore and live the territory as ancient communities did.
Understanding the relations between man and environment, as well as the traces left by civilisations through the ages, is the aim of these journeys conceived for curious walkers.
This is your chance to immerse yourself in the extraordinary civilizations that gave birth to Italy….with our archaeology walks!