Italy’s food



Italy’s food is rich with tradition!
Ask an Italian where the best food in Italy is, and the answer comes fast: “My hometown, of course!”
Italy’s cooking has always been so intensely regional that even adjacent towns can offer strikingly different culinary experiences. Here in the birthplace of eating local, there are many dishes unique to a single village or small region, delicious specialties impossible to find anywhere else.
Italian cuisine has developed through centuries of social and political changes, with roots reaching far back in antiquity.
One thing remains constant across all the variety of Italy’s food heritage: the uncompromising focus on high-quality, seasonal, local ingredients—and the elegant simplicity of the dishes.
How do you make your way through this incredibly varied culinary landscape? We can help you rise to the delicious challenge.
A day with us takes you off the standard tourist routes and brings you into personal contact with the land and its distinctive tastes. You’ll meet local producers still working in the ancient ways, explore a traditional market, or drop in at a classic trattoria, where you can sample local delicacies made from recipes passed down for centuries.
Italy’s food is authentic and surprising. Come taste our Italy!