Italy’s wines


How much do you know about Italy’s wines? Would you like to learn about the rich history and traditions of Italy’s wines? With thousands of years of winemaking tradition behind them, Italy’s 380,000 wine producers grow more than 400 grape varieties. Nowhere else in the world do vineyards offer such a wealth of diversity, made possible here by Italy’s rich range of soil types, landscapes, and climates.
Many of Italy’s fine wines—Barolo, Chianti, Primitivo, Brunello, Est!Est!!Est!!!—are among the most famous in the world, and rightly so. But in Italy, it’s just as likely that the house wine served in a local trattoria will be every bit as memorable as those rightfully renowned labels.
Our routes lead you into Italy’s most important winemaking regions, where you will get to know the people behind the wines; proud craftsmen who combine the skills of the farmer and artist with those of the scientist and alchemist. Stopping at small, family-run wineries, we will taste vintages rich in personality and character while learning about grape growing and the philosophy and vibrant history of Italian winemaking from antiquity to today.
The only thing more deliciously complex than Italian wines is the landscape itself. There is no better portal to Italy than the heady aromas and subtle tastes you’ll experience on a wine tour.

Take a relaxing stroll through the vines to the cellar doors!