We are hiking guides! We work in Tuscany!

Are you considering a walking tour in Tuscany? Something off the beaten track, away from the crazy crowds? Are you an inquisitive traveler with high expectations? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re licensed hiking guides, experts in conceiving and guiding private tours in Italy.
We are based in Tuscany, we are locals! Tuscany is the region where we were born and where we live. We have a thorough knowledge of the “Bel Paese”. This means that you will get a uniquely informed and intimate look into our historical sites, our culinary traditions, and our famous wines. We like to share the experience we acquired day by day living and working in this fascinating country.
You can explore the Tuscan countryside, learn about cheese and olive oil making, find ancient ruins and enjoy memorable panoramas with us. You will immerse yourself in the traditional rural life, discovering the authentic traditions and meeting local people.. the kind of experiences that will make your trip unforgettable!
We’ve researched the best of Tuscany. We can guide you through the most beautiful spots. Every Tuscan journey has its own unique charms. Every visit into the heart of these captivating landscapes is simply memorable. There are no set itineraries. We take the time to listen, leading tailored tours according to your needs and expectations.
It is our goal to make your Italian tour the special one. We’ll help you design your trip and guide you through Tuscany. You will fall in love with our region. You will be amazed by its traditions, hospitality, and the unique character of its people.

Is it your dream to experience the authentic lifestyle of Italy? Let’s walk together and make that dream come true!   

what people say about us

Pass the Disneyland part of Tuscany and try this!

We spent two glorious days hiking around Pratomagno and La Verna.
We got to visit a 600-year-old functioning mill and generally see things that we never would have seen on our own.
For experienced walkers in a new region, this was the difference between a good trip and a great trip.
For someone not familiar with the region, I’d say it’s essential.
(David, USA)

Tuscany and Umbria Delights!

Spent 6 days with Marco and some friends roaming Tuscany and Umbria.
Wasn’t sure what to expect. I was delighted with the programme which had a lovely balance of natural and cultural outings.
The tour covered parts of the country and sights we would never have found on our own.
His knowledge of the area was massive. He was very flexible in revising the programme to accommodate our interests and the vagaries of the weather.
(Anne, UK)

Write us an email explaining what your main interests are: nature, history, wine, food… we’ll be glad to prepare a perfect tour!

The profession of a nature guide is regulated in Tuscany through the Regional Law 42/2000. When you look for a professional guide, please make sure that he/she is licensed.

The landscapes of Tuscany fuse the beauty of nature with the gentle traces of millennia of human activity. You can admire rolling hills and sloping vineyards, tranquil olive groves and massive mountains. You can discover ancient villas and wild islands set in the sparkling sea. We can help you design the ideal itinerary for your interests, taking you into the heart of Tuscany.