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Looking for a hiking guide in Tuscany?

We are nature walking guides and tourism professionals with years of expertise in Italy’s nature, history, food and wine. We focus on all the aspects that make our country a dream destination.
We are constantly exploring all regions of Italy as tours leaders and tour creators. Our goal is always to find the hidden places where traditional lifestyles remain untouched by mass tourism.
Our fascination is with the relationship between people and their landscapes, as revealed in traditions and culture. With our vast range of experience, we can guide you from the majestic Dolomite mountains to the stunning Tyrrhenian coast. We can lead tours from the charming shores of the Northern Lakes to the sun-kissed hill towns of central Italy.
We share our knowledge with travelers in search of an intimate experience with this captivating land and its people. Our tours are for individuals, couples, families, groups of friends.

Marco Valtriani

Marco Valtriani nature guideMarco holds a degree in biology from the University of Pisa. His passion for the natural world has always been accompanied by a fascination with the history and traditions of his native country. He believes firmly that the landscapes and lifestyles of today are the product of Italy’s unique combination of nature and culture.
Marco has been hiking Italy since he was young. He likes looking for untamed places, charming villages, and little-known archaeological sites. In the course of his explorations, he has cultivated a driving curiosity about the ancient arts and crafts. Marco also developed an interest in the cuisine of Italy’s many regions, becoming a wine & food expert.
He has been a tour guide and organizer since 1999. He has created hiking trips to destinations such as the Dolomites, Sicily, the Cinque Terre, Piedmont and Lake Como for individuals, groups, and international travel companies. As a professional ornithologist, he worked on bird ringing and water bird counting, published several scientific paper and worked on environmental impact evaluations.
When he’s not busy working as a tour leader, he designs road books for self-guided tours, choosing the best routes and trails.
Marco and his family live near Arezzo in Tuscany. He spends his free time discovering new destinations and the hidden aspects of familiar sites.

Daniele Cavazzoni

Daniele got a Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences in 2009. Shortly after, he started working abroad as a Daniele Cavazzoni hiking guidenature guide for an international tour operator. He has been leading groups in diverse areas of the world, from the Indian Ocean (as snorkeling instructor) to the African savannah (as safari guide). Everywhere he travels his binocular follows him since he’s a passionate and keen birdwatcher.
Since ever, his innate passion for nature has been guiding him to explore all the Italian regions on foot.
He currently works as a hiking guide in Tuscany: an incredible opportunity to transmit his passion to others. He likes sharing the pleasure of exploration and the continuous discovery of new places.
Daniele is a route designer for an international company too: he assists travelers from all over the world in their walking holidays through Tuscany.
In 2014 he obtained the title of Athletic Instructor, which entitled him to work with sport companies and lead summer camps for kids.
Last but not least he works on the family farm producing the famous Tuscan “pecorino” sheep’s milk cheese!

Discover the best of Tuscany with us as your guide, making the most of your time and seeing the best this captivating region has to offer!

We are certified guides for nature walks according to the Tuscany Regional Law 42/2000.