Why ‘Walking in Etruria’?
Ever noticed the similarities between the words “Etruscan” and “Tuscan”?
The Etruscans were a dominant civilization that ruled central Italy for centuries by 700 b.c. The area where they flourished and founded their main towns was called Etruria and it represents what is today called Tuscany. So, Tuscany is named after its first  inhabitants, the Etruscans.
The Etruscan culture was renowned in antiquity for its rich mineral resources and as a major Mediterranean trading power.
They extended their power into northern and southern Italy.
At the height of their power and prosperity during the 6th century BC, Etruscan power, influence and ambition rivalled the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians. In their homeland in the Tuscan hills, they built cities, vast cemeteries monumental tombs and a startling abundance of finely crafted objects.
Why not take a walking tour around some of the main Etruscan centres, such as Arezzo, Montepulciano, Pienza, Cortona,Siena, Sovana, Pitigliano, Fiesole, Volterra, and Montalcino?
We are proud to show you our Etruria!!